Cebu’s First Nature Aquarium Workshop by ADA

Cebu’s First Nature Aquarium Workshop by ADA


January 15, 2013

CEBU, Philippines – Aqua Design Amano, or more popularly known as “ADA” by avid aquarium hobbyists and fish lovers, marked it’s presence in Cebu last January 13 when it hosted the very first Nature Aquarium Workshop in the city.

Founded 20 years ago by Mr. Takashi Amano, ADA is a highly regarded Japanese institution well known for their products and expertise for designing Nature Aquariums.  The idea behind Nature Aquariums is to understand and appreciate nature’s beauty by recreating it in your home or office.

Over 60 participants were present at the Nature Aquarium Workshop to learn both the technical and artistic aspect of Nature Aquariums from Mr. Joseph Uy, Managing Director of Miyabi Aqua Design (official representative of ADA in Canada).  Everyone was very eager to learn about the landscaping (or more appropriately “aquascaping”) techniques which was shown with a live demonstration.  Notably, learning about the “Iwagumi” aquascape developed by ADA was one of the highlights. This uses Japanese stones arranged in a striking manner among a lush bed of grass which makes it seem like mountains.

“ADA is promoting a whole new lifestyle with Nature Aquariums, moving away from the practice of treating aquatic plants as disposable or using plastic plants as a substitute. The gratification one gets from replicating nature in an ADA Nature Aquarium is really fulfilling and enjoyable – this is why we want to share it with everyone.” says Justin Uy, President of ADA Nature Aquarium Philippines.

In response, Mr. Glenn Riscar, President of the Aquatic Cebu Enthusiasts (ACE) society said that aquarium hobbyists in Cebu were very happy to gain first hand information from ADA, and also get a hands-on demonstration of ADA Nature Aquarium products which are now readily available at Riverfront Aquaria (ADA’s Authorized Retailer in Cebu). Mrs. Gloria Acompanado, the owner of Riverfront Aquaria, also plans to make a live Nature Aquarium showcase in their shop to compliment their line-up of ADA items.

Moving forward, ADA Nature Aquarium Philippines hopes that Filipino aquascapers will gain global recognition at this year’s International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) which is a photography contest for Nature Aquariums.  ”With the strong support of our partners in Cebu – namely Riverfront Aquaria, ACE and numerous ADA Nature Aquarium advocates – we are confident that ADA Nature Aquariums are here to stay”, concludes Mr. Joseph Uy

For more information and updates, please visit Riverfront Aquaria located at the Ground Floor of Ludo & Luym Building, Plaridel Street, Cebu City (032-254-9812).